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A New Twist on the
Holiday Classic

Revisit your favorite Rodney Dangerfield one-liners in this comedic retelling of The Night Before Christmas.

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Cleverly works Rodney’s jokes into every page. I don’t know who will love it more, kids or their parents.
Joan Dangerfield
Based on
the comedy of


Known for his iconic line “I don’t get no respect!”, the late great comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield grew up with an itch for comedy. Rodney started writing jokes as a young man, but didn’t get his big break until later in life when he fully embraced his stage persona as the everyday man who got no respect.

Written by


John is the taller half of the Bell Brothers. He spends his days squinting at a screen with his twin brother, making things for the internet. He lives in a small New Jersey town with his wife, four kids and their not-so-miniature dachshund.



Dan is the shorter half of the Bell Brothers. Contrary to what his mother believes, he does not fix computers, he just sits at one all day. He lives in an old spooky house with his fiancé and two dogs, down the street from his brother.

Illustrated by


Charlie is an illustrator and designer, whose work has appeared on everything from books and magazines to the boxes of your favorite Nerf blasters. He lives with his wife and son in the suburbs of Philly.